Press & Media Kit

Goutam Benegal

Sanjukta Dasgupta

Female Aesthetics in Poetry
how different are women from men?

Poets as Astronomers
exploring space in contemporary poetics

Haiku & Haibun
importance and porspects in India

Do real life events make it to a good story?

Les Most Poetiques
ELF exclusive reading by Sharmila Ray

Profiling the Authors
can interviewers make or break images?

English Poetry in Calcutta: current trends

Is poetry losing its mysticism?

Indian English Poetry: where are poets heading?

Do critics add value to poetry at all?

Bengali session

Bengali session

Bengali session

Bengali session

English Poetry in the North-East India
are they different from the rest of the nation?

Impressionism to Plagiarism
Poetry in the age of the Internet